BLANÍK [ Přírodní zajímavost ]

The landscape preserve was declared in 1981 in order to protect a typical landscape of Central Bohemia with the dominating legendary hill of Blanik. The backbone of the region is the Blanice River with a fully preserved ecosystem including the watercourse and alluvial plains. The landscape preserve of Blanik is a mosaic of woods, fields and meadows, interspersed with tree-lined roads and other dispersed greenery, interlaced with creeks and ponds of a high scientific value. Constructional development within the region is a highly sensitive matter, as there are numerous historical monuments.
The primeval habitation on Blanik Hill is documented by remnants of a settlement from the Hallstatt-La Tène periods on the summit of the Great Blanik, with some remaining bulwarks. The hill-fort perished and only as late as the 15th century is there a castle mentioned as standing on the hill. The Small Blanik should not go unnoticed, with its masonry building existing on the hill also by the 15th century. The present ruins of the polygonal chapel of St. Mary Magdalene date back to the 18th century.


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